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Phuket Villas | Thailand Homes | Property In Phuket

Besides beaches, there are several other tourist destinations in the Phuket Island. The Phromthep Cape, also referred to as ‘God’s Cape’ is the southern most point of the Phuket Island. [ Read more ]

Leasing Retail Space - Foreclosures and Lease Cancellations

Foreclosure of a mortgage typically extinguishes all claims to the property. In other words, if you've negotiated a lease and started a business [ Read more ]

Commercial Real Estate Appraisal Income Approach

The income approach is often given primary emphasis when appraising a commercial real estate used to generate income. Estimates of value via the income approach are highly sensitive to changes in revenue, expense and capitalization rates. [ Read more ]

Leasing Retail Space - Preparing Your Space

Tenants are generally provided time to prepare the retail space for occupancy prior to the date when they must begin paying rent. [ Read more ]

Beach villas phuket | Real estate companies phuket

Thailand is the place where people offer everything with openness of heart. Their smile is enough to win your heart over. [ Read more ]

Marina development south East Asia | 5 Star Hotels Phuket | Thailand Property

Marina development south East Asia is known for its magnificent buildings and other 5 star hotel resorts in the whole world. Most importantly, Burj-al-Arab is known to have absorbed gazes and hearts of every person in the whole world. [ Read more ]

Phuket Property | Thailand Property | Property In Phuket

Real estate phuket such as private islands with beautiful beach villas, phuket islands with fabulous phuket villas; other Thailand property such as property in phuket are some refined examples of high standard living style at cheap prices. [ Read more ]

Texas Real Estate Tips

Understanding the geography of Texas is also important when looking at Texas real estate. The reasons that you are coming to Texas are also important. It will help you decide where to live in Texas believe it or not. Whether you are buying or selling [ Read more ]