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What is Winter Indoor Gardening?

Date Added: February 27, 2009 07:17:06 AM
Category: News & Media: Home and Garden
There is no need to stop gardening if temperatures in your area are to cold to garden outdoors. Indoor gardening can be done to fulfill your gardening urges. Indoor gardening is done on a small scale and the plants need more care than a summer outdoor garden. Fertilization, lighting, pollination, soil, temperature and watering are all factors that needed to be monitored carefully when gardening indoors. When gardening indoors planning is very important to your success. If you decide at the end of your growing season that you want to keep gardening indoors you just might have trouble doing it. For more details www.the-spam-files.com Seeds in most areas are hard to come by in the fall. Buying enough seeds for your spring planting and storing a few extra for your indoor winter planting is the one thing to keep in mind. Other thoughts are what you want to plant. When choosing plants that you want to grow indoors also takes some planning. In most places space is going to be the main factor. Keep plants to smaller sizes. For tomatoes you might consider cherry tomatoes, lettuce stay with a leaf lettuce and beans you can plant bush type beans. After you have decided on what crops you would like to grow over the winter months indoors and have the seeds you need readily on hand you can start preparing to plant. Soil will be your next consideration.You are going to want to have a soil mix or soilless mix that has a soil structure that is going to retain the moisture and nutrients that the plants are going to need to survive. After you have your containers filled with your soil mix and your seeds are planted you will need a good location that has sufficient lighting. plants require at the minimum of six to eight hours of sunlight and the plants will have to be placed close to the light source. For more details www.america-gardener.com One problem that tender plants might have is that the cold temperatures that could radiate off windows when the sun goes down will harm them. If this is a problem you could supplement them with heat growing lamps to compensate the cold temperatures. Pollination is another issue with indoor gardening. There is no wind or insects needed to pollinate the plants naturally. manually pollinating will have to be done. All that is needed is a small artists brush to gently transfer the pollen from one flower to another. www.your-gardening-tip.com www.america-gardener.com Watering of plants will need to be monitored daily. Plants being grown indoors in a confined space with the heat on don't get the humidity needed to go long periods of time without watering. Usually you ill need to water daily or every other day. Watering frequently can also deplete the nutrients in the soil. A good balanced organic fertilizer that is slow release will replenish the nutrients back into the soil that are needed for the plants to thrive.
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