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Wedding rings – The symbol of love and your partner for life

Date Added: June 03, 2009 10:10:33 AM
Category: Shopping: Jewelry
Wedding as it has been considered throughout the ages is the union of two souls. And almost in every culture there is the custom of keeping this very occasion in remembrance is to gift something special to that very special one. One such custom is the exchange of wedding ring. Thus a wedding ring is considered to be a very symbolic one. It is the symbol of love, devotion, commitment, and union of the couple’s. Every wedding ring carries with it the story of that very date on which the couple were united. Therefore it bears a lot of significance in their life. And for that reason it is obvious that before choosing one’s wedding ring he/she feels a lot of excitement. The oath of commitment among the couple is deeply related with the wedding ring. It is however known to all that the wedding ring is worn on the ring finger, but on which hand, depends on the place where the couple belongs. As for example in western countries it is worn on the left hand, whereas in countries like Russia, Germany, Bulgaria and others it is the custom to wear it on the right hand ring finger. Now the question is why is it worn on the ring finger? It had been believed that the ring finger is the vein love and this is why the tradition started on of wearing the wedding ring on the ring finger. The perfect circle of the wedding ring also has its own symbolic presentation. It is believed that it represents the eternity of love. Now the matter is of choosing one’s wedding ring. In most cases it is seen that the couples look for a matching wedding ring for both. This doesn’t mean that you are bound to choose matching wedding rings. The perfect is that which meets with the taste of both of them. The two may have different types of wedding rings according to their choice. And if both are satisfied, only then it can be said that it is the perfect choice of wedding rings. Throughout the ages the golden ring with gems on them has been the tradition of wedding ring. But now the concept has changed a lot and other metals like platinum and titanium also are quite in demand. What you should keep in mind is that the ring you choose now should be with you throughout the life. It is also that the diamond is not the only precious gem that should be on your wedding ring. You can choose from Rubies, Sapphire, Emerald, Topaz, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Garnet or Opal. Whatever suits your pocket or whatever matches with your taste is the one you can choose from. There are a lot of sites over the Internet that can help you choose your own best wedding ring. You can also design your own ring online and it is also very much easy. But before doing that be sure of your of the ring size and you can choose any metal or any gem to match with your very own ring. http://www.weddingringsdepot.com
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