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Wedding ring the symbolic presentation of your love

Date Added: June 03, 2009 08:52:21 AM
Wedding is a very special occasion in almost every body’s life. And the wedding ring carries with itself the sweet memories of that very special day. It has a very much significant in our life. It symbolizes the bonding of two souls. And almost in every culture there is the custom of keeping this very occasion in remembrance by offering a special gift to that very special one. It is a very symbolic one. It symbolizes love, devotion, commitment, and union of the couple’s. Every wedding ring carries with it the story of that very date on which the couple were united. And because of that it is obvious that before choosing one’s wedding ring he/she feels a lot of excitement. The oath of commitment among the couple is deeply related with the wedding ring. The celebration of wedding ceremony is different in different countries and similarly ring ceremony is also not the same. In some customs the wedding ring is worn on their right ring finger and also there are some countries where wedding ring is worn on their left ring finger. But after the wedding the groom and the bride are free to wear the ring on any hand and on any finger they wish. This may prevent the engagement ring from scratching and scuffing. Another option is to have the main bridesmaid keep the ring during the ceremony there are a variety of ways to keep it: in a pouch, on a plate, etc. After the ceremony, the ring can be placed back on either the left or the right hand. Wedding ring can be made of different metals. This is generally made up of precious yellow alloy of gold, hardened with copper and Silver or tin and bismuth. Copper, silver, tin or bismuth are used to make the gold more durable and hard. Now a day a trend is that wedding ring cannot be made with out platinum or titanium. These are more durable and fashionable too. Platinum with white alloys of gold are demanding by the wedding couples. A slightly yellow white gold alloy, which was used with gold, is now replaced with cheaper nickel-gold alloy with a plating of rhodium. This can be cheap than before but it is it is not at all durable and good. As we have stated earlier that titanium has become a hot element for making a wedding ring and every couple wants that. The reasons are its durability, affordability, and gunmetal grey color. Tungsten carbide is also another metal, which is gradually picking its name in this list of wedding ring materials. With gold or platinum inlays tungsten carbide is used. The most inexpensive and common ring material is nickel silver. But in the present day scenario it is also seen that couples are also considering stainless steel as the material for their wedding ring. A large variety of wedding rings for women and men are available in the market. Expensive are those, which have intricate designs and attractive curving done on the body of the ring. Traditional jewelry has their focus on the settings of stones but now the importance is on the designing factors. So gather some knowledge about the wedding ring and the most important thing is to know the proper measurement of the ring that will fit you. Go to a fashion house, if necessary, where these stuffs are famous for making. http://www.weddingringsdepot.com
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