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Unlimited Income from Ebooks for almost nothing

Date Added: September 06, 2008 10:46:19 AM
Category: Education
As the internet continues to evolve, to a greater extent consumers are fueling the e-business sector to reveal that not all businesses require a lot of start up funds. How can you turn your $40 investment into $4000/month? Start by selling EBooks and the associate EBook Resale Right. When I started, words and phrases such as Viral Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Commission Junction, Search Engine Optimization (SE0) etc., really confused and disheartened me. They sounded complex and luxurious at first, but as you progress, these will slowly become more familiar; don’t worry at all. All successful marketers practice these so you will definitely come across them in your reading material (yes, you’ll need to read at least some EBooks/articles to learn). The best thing is that most of the activities I’m talking about are completely free! The only think you should be concerned about is setting up your website with a domain name and website host (about $6.99 for the domain and $9.99/mo for web host). Then purchase your EBook for about $10 and advertise for free. How? Easy, write as many articles you can, and don’t worry about learning to write because all you need to do are read a few online and do something similar. Put some personality in it and don’t forget your exclamation marks (not too many though! Post these articles on the following websites, which Google loves: 1) eZineArticles.com 2) GoArticles.com 3) SearchWarp.com 4) ArticleDashboard.com 5) ArticleCity.com 6) Wordpress.com (blog) 7) Blogger.com (blog) Don’t forget to include your keywords in there so that the search engines favor your articles over others. About 4-5 times per keyword per 400-500 words. Introduce yourself and insert a good statement about yourself and advertise your site in the “Bio Box”. You will come across this box when you submit your article. Also, search online for your product plus the word “Forum” (ex. EBook +forum) and register with as many as you can. Say a quick “hello” and try to answer or post inquisitive questions/answers to gain credibility. Lastly, type in your product plus affiliate (ex. EBook +affiliate) and join recognized affiliate programs so that when people visit your website, you get paid if they click on your affiliate link and purchase your affiliate’s products. It may seem hard at first but when you submit enough articles (100-200) and it will take some time, you will see the results. There is a lot more to explain, but please start off with these easy steps and you will find yourself making lots of money with each EBook Resale Right. www.profiting-info-products.com www.ebookmarketing.infozabout.com
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