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Stiedl seeks Ambassadors for Teddy Bear Trust.

Date Added: May 20, 2009 09:19:29 AM
Category: Health
The Danish businessman and entrepreneur Bjorn Stiedl, who last month took the initiative to found a supportive charity for children submitted to hospitals in Paris, are seeking ambassadors for the Teddy Bear Trust. “We will need dedicated ambassadors within the Parisian restaurant business to secure that a sufficient number of Parisian restaurants will be participating in the 1 Euro per bill funding of the charity”, Mr. Stiedl explains. The aim of the Teddy Bear Trust is to give all children who are admitted to paediatric wards at hospitals in Paris with a free teddy bear upon admission. The teddy bear will give the child comfort and be a companion during its stay at the hospital. The Teddy Bear Trust will be funded through donations from restaurant patrons who pay a 1 Euro surcharge on their restaurant bill. The Teddy Bear Trust will enter into ambassadorships with successful and high-profile restaurants in Paris, who will add a 1 Euro fee to their bills, thus funding the Teddy Bear Trust. “It is entirely voluntary if the restaurant guest wishes to donate the 1 Euro to the Teddy Bear Trust, but we expect that it will be a minority who will refrain from donating the money”, Mr. Stiedl continues. The restaurant itself will benefit from becoming a certified sponsor, receiving positive publicity, and it can brandish the Teddy Bear Trust logo on its bills, menus and other appropriate places. As participating in the program is without cost to the restaurant, recruiting a sufficient number of restaurants will be very easy. The charity will be staffed from 1 January 2009. For more information click here : http://choclatesegment.blogspot.com/
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