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Some Tips On How To Safely Shop And Save Money

Date Added: March 04, 2009 06:21:06 AM
Category: Finance
A favorite gift to give for most any special occasion are diamond studs, earrings which look great and can be worn around the house or while attending a wedding or dinner party. Elegant, refined, and stylish, most women already own a pair of diamond studs but a second or third pair is always welcome. Thanks to the internet, you can shop for diamond studs online and save a tremendous amount of money for the same quality diamonds sold by your mall's jeweler. Please read on for some tips on how to safely shop and save money on your next pair of diamond studs. The internet has changed the way that people shop as the availability of goods has expanded from local selling to a global marketplace. Truly, you can be living in New York and do your online shopping with merchants who are located in Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, Los Angeles and elsewhere. for more detials:-www.lose-10-pounds-quick.com. Lower overhead and stiffer competition has forced prices down, bringing deals to consumers as never seen before. Even though a website may be selling diamond studs, not all merchants and not all diamond studs are equal. Some things to keep in mind when shopping for diamond studs include: Types of diamond studs - Princess cut diamonds look great on a woman with a broader face while round diamonds complement the woman whose face is narrow. Choose the setting based on your skin tone, with white gold or platinum enhancing the look of a woman with a cool skin tone and yellow gold matching well with the woman who has a warm skin tone. Visit this skin tone page to determine what your tone is if you are uncertain. Choice of settings - You'll find plenty of retailers selling diamond studs in a variety of settings, but some settings look much better than others. For example, a crown setting pushes the diamond too far out, giving it a hanging look. Three-prong pave or martini, four-prong basket, or six-prong coronets are well-fitting and look beautiful. Every wedding bride wants the best look on her special day. Previewing diamond studs - One concern online shoppers have about diamond shopping is previewing the product before making a purchase. Clearly, you cannot hold the studs in your hand but an online merchant such as James Allen has 3D images of all of their products. Click on any image and the diamond studs will rotate giving you the same view you would see if you were at your local jewelry store. Buying your studs - Some online merchants are experienced jewelers, having gained practice working with customers face to face while others are resellers who are simply trying to capitalize on the marketplace. for visit detials:-www.make-ezee-money.com. You'll want to deal directly with a professional jeweler who knows diamonds, stocks his own inventory, and offers generous insurance, shipping and return policies. Never purchase jewelry from an unsecured site and be careful when purchasing your diamonds overseas as you may not be able to enjoy the consumer protection you do here. Diamond studs make every woman feel and look beautiful, offering brilliance and clarity unlike anything else she will wear. Whether purchased for engagement, wedding, birthday or anniversary, she'll always remember your gift and your warm expression of love!
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