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Simple gifts can do magic as well

Date Added: April 14, 2009 06:34:07 AM
Category: Shopping
Our life is alive with occasions, events and festivals. We all bear busy schedules throughout the year. To relieve us from the chaotic life, festivals and occasions arrive like a breeze of fresh air. At those times, we share our happiness with others around us by giving gifts. When choosing gifts, we want to make sure the gift conveys a message of nearness. That it expresses our feelings, our blessings, and our love for the person. To convey the message that is straight from the heart, the gift does not have to be expensive. One does not need to run into debts in order to buy an expensive gift for someone. As gifts are becoming more and more expensive everyday, we have tried to give some ideas that are simple yet sure to catch the eye. Scented or aromatic candles: scented candles contain herbs that fill the air with captivating fragrance as they burn. This air, when inhaled, calms the mind and results into a pure, stable personality. So, if you are thinking of buying a good gift for a busy executive, who happens to be a close one, go for aromatic candles. Trust me; nothing can be a more suitable gift for such a person than an aromatic candle. They can be great wedding gifts too. For, needless to say, the romantic ambience that it creates, not to mention the effect! Photo frames: photo frames are always in trend for gifts. Everybody loves to cherish memories captured in beautiful photo frames. That’s the reason it has always been a first choice, if not, one of the first choices of gift shoppers. You can also make photo frames by yourself using some easily available materials in the market and a bit of imagination. Can you find a more pocket-friendly gift idea? Coffee mugs: yes, coffee mugs CAN be very good gift items if you can decorate them with nuts or coffee beans or candies. Toiletry: toiletry or vanity boxes can also be very lovely and useful gifts. For women, you can put some shampoos, soaps, face washes and even cosmetics. As for men, things like shaving foams, razors, hair gels and colognes etc. will do really good. You can wrap the box with elegant wrapping paper and decorate it with beads, sequins, colorful ribbons and what not to make a tempting gift box. Cigars can be very elegant gifts for men. If you want to stun your friend or any near one, the sophistication of cigars will do it for you. Jewelry: is always adored by women and is a great wedding gift. Ornaments made of different materials are available in the market these days to suit every pocket. For a wedding, you can confidently buy a jewelry set for the woman you want to amaze with this special gift. When the holiday season comes, why sit idle at home watching TV or going fishing? Why not go back to the childhood by getting everyone busy solving jigsaw puzzles? Yes, jigsaw puzzles may sound a bit off-the-track gifts but they can turn any adult into an excited young kid, wanting to solve the puzzle as quick as possible.
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