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Safari in Tanzania

Date Added: May 13, 2009 06:01:34 AM
Category: Travel
An incredible, never-forgotten experience for all those who have taken it, a Tanzania Safari promises, at all times of the year, year after year, to be captivating and exhilarating at the same time. This is because of the amazing equilibrium brought about by the abundant wildlife, the spectacular countryside, and the mind-boggling demographic diversity. With enormous variety in places to make a safari to (in Swahili, “Safari” means “travel”), from exploration of the country’s highest peaks like the Kilimanjaro, the deepest water bodies like those of Lake Tanganyika and Lake Victoria, the biggest national parks like the Ngorongoro, to the most wondrous show on earth, the annual wild beast migration in the Serengeti, or camping with indigenous people, sampling their culture, little of which has changed since colonization, Tanzania is incredibly blessed with natural splendor that offers the traveler nothing less than a spell-binding magical tour. Because of the rather enormous diversity, the most difficult bit about a Tanzania safari is to figure out where to start. If you begin from the north, a magnificent thread of lakes cutting north-south across Tanzania attracts a huge number of flamingos in the breeding season. In the latter half of the dry season, Tarangire Park teems with large elephant herds while in the distant north migrant wild beasts travel in millions into the huge Serengeti, leading to the earth’s biggest and the most spectacular wildlife views. Ngorongoro’s huge caldera comes to life with animals, while to the west Lake Victoria lies in mystery, with obscure isolated and ancient islands. Apart from the well-known wonders of the national parks at the Serengeti and Arusha, the one at Lake Manyara houses Tanzania's most vivid wildlife zones. The most noticeable predators as well as primary safari attractions here are lions, legendary for their inclination towards scaling trees. Another magnificent safari destination could be the Tarangire River that offers the only enduring source of water in the area, which creates a "dry season sanctuary" for the wild game of the southern Masailand in Tanzania. The national park here is known to be home to a huge number of the biggest elephant herds in the country or even continent. The Ngorongoro Crater Game Park, with its mystic name, happens to be one of the most thickly packed wildlife zones in the world and is known to have approximately 30,000 animals. Many organizations put together safaris for the traveler, to suit every budget, taste, and duration of holiday, at almost all times of the year. So get set for the time of your life. First, procure a valid tourist visa, some major foreign currencies, like the US dollar or Euro, and most importantly, a yellow fever vaccination and some precaution against malaria, prior to embarking upon your dream vacation. Pack light; throw in easy-to-wash long-sleeved cotton clothes, some sunscreen, hats, and definitely a camera to make permanent souvenirs of your fantastic trip. Remember to ask for permission when you want to click a picture, and for starters, get acquainted with a few words in the local dialect to better converse with people you meet in the wilderness. Magical Travel brings you a wide range of affordable scheduled South Africa Tours, incorporating all essential tourist sites and routes throughout the region. Visit South Africa safari you will be beguiled and spellbound by the beauty and tranquility in this continent of contrasts.
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