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List Building:-Do you belong to list building program?

Date Added: February 25, 2009 12:51:00 PM
Category: Internet
Do you belong to list building program? If so I have a question for you. Who are you actually building the list for? Are you building it for yourself or a program owner? The answer to these questions are simple, you are building a list primarily for the program owner. Yes, individuals who you bring into the program are below you and you may be allowed to e-mail them every day but that is very rare. For more details www.confessions-followup-marketing.com Normally, you can only e-mail to your portion of the list every three days, five days, or seven days. While on the other hand the program owner can e-mail to your list at any time and even several times a day. Most of these list building programs have a free and a pro membership. You can upgrade to the pro membership, for a monthly fee, and increase the amount of times that you are able to mail to your list. But very few allow you to mail to your list daily. So you see through your efforts you're actually building a list for the program owner. How much is your time worth to you? How much time do you spend daily advertising to build one of these lists? On average, your time is worth approximately $50 an hour. So if you spend one hour each day trying to build your list in essence it is costing you $50 a day to build a list for somebody else. How many sales have you made off of the list you build? Have you been tracking your efforts to the list that you have built? If not, you will never know your success rate for this list. Is your success rate paying for your time to build the list? If not, then you are in a losing proposition. Again because your time is money! I understand this issue because I was involved in several of these list building programs. I spent a couple hours each day trying to cultivate individuals to join my lists. Then one day it hit me like a ton of bricks. For more details www.craigs-list-profits.com I was working for somebody else. So from that time forward I stopped using these programs. I now use the time I spent on those list building programs to develop content for my Business Center. http://www.list-management-secrets.com http://www.mailing-lists-profit.com It is up to you, to determine how to use your time and energy in developing your business plan. I do suggest that you evaluate your advertising scheme to see if you can improve your rate of return on your advertising dollars. Make sure to add into the equation your cost of time spent on advertising.
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