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Internet marketing requires an internet connection

Date Added: February 25, 2009 02:55:39 PM
Category: Internet
The perfect model of a home based business is one where you need only a limited cash outlay. Obviously, starting any new business does require some capital, to think otherwise is crazy and unrealistic. Internet marketing requires an internet connection and a computer, either a PC or a laptop. I prefer a laptop because it allows me to be mobile. I can work from home or anyplace that has an internet hot spot Or go to www.tube-traffic.com. In today's day and age I have found hot spots everywhere, even on the back of my boat in the Bahamas! Now days, you do not even need a telephone connection because all of your telephone chatting can be done by VOIP, in other words, over the computer. COOL! Most home based businesses try to sell you special lotions, potions and pills. The hype tells you that these products are the one and only, and if you buy them you will have health, wealth and beauty! YIKES! I am looking for something new and improved. I want the perfect business model. I think I have found it in the Dublin Network. Why do most people go to the internet and surf around? Most are looking for information. When they have found their information, then they want to purchase the product or item of their choice for a good price. What if you could offer customers any and all products, things they want to buy, not something you convince them they need. In addition, you can offer them great prices? This sounds like a winner to me! Dublin offers so many online shopping choices. You can purchase right now for a set price or you can visit one of their auctions shops. Right now Dublin offers three types of online auctions you can visit www.auto-hits-machine.com The proposed auctions shops for the United States market are: Unique Bid, Express and Zero. Each auction shop has a different twist to it and makes shopping not only fun, but almost addictive! I know that I deserve a home based business that customers want to visit each and every day! Not only that, I want them to refer their friends, also. Dublin has a proven track record in Europe since 2006 and they are now in the process of bringing it to the United States and Canada. It is strictly in the early stages. As any network marketer will tell you, this is the time to jump on board and position yourself for the future expansion. There is only one beginning in any company, only one chance to be first, the time is NOW! Do not be left behind in the dust. How many of you wished you had purchased stock in GOOGLE at the beginning. I want to see a show of hands. Please, do your due diligence and check out Dublin. Only YOU can fire your boss!
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