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Importance of the successful Blog Post

Date Added: March 01, 2009 08:49:18 PM
Category: Blogs
The ability to write an effective blog post is important to any blog owner who wants to attract traffic and then encourage visitors to return. Compared to article writing or producing content for newsletters there are many similarities. For more details to go to www.greatblogbox.com However it is important to note there are some subtle differences you'll need to pay attention to when composing a blog post. Here are 7 important things to consider when writing your blog post: 1) Useful Content Be sure when you post on your blog that the content is useful or entertaining to your readers. If you've got nothing to say search the web for content of interest and related to your blog theme. Post this and reference your source. 2) Write Casually Your posts should read like you speak, in a conversational tone and not like a formal report. Relax your readers by using language or expressions they're familiar. Also consider what type of reader you are speaking to and the age bracket they're and address them accordingly. 3) Address Your Readers Needs Keep in mind whenever you're composing a post that your readers always look to see what they may gain from your writing. It may be humor, information, or even a sarcastic perspective but remember 'you are writing for your readers' and not yourself! 4) Keep it Brief Your post should always be brief and to the point so as not to waste the time of your readers. Be clear on what it is you're trying to say. The last thing you want to do is put your readers thru some sort of 'mental gymnastics' every time they read your posts. They won't enjoy this and will stop visiting your blog as a result. 5) Put Life into Your Post Write as if you're speaking with a close friend or family. Use expressions and statements that introduce feelings, humor, anger, or amazement to get your readers more involved. With this said however don't get so carried away that you become overly wordy; get your point across quickly and clearly. 6) Use Links When you are referencing information from another source for your readers be sure to link to that site. For more details to go to www.instant-blog-and-ping.com You're letting the other site owner know you have referred your readers to their site, this is called a trackback. By doing so you're creating an association with other sites that may in turn link back to you in the future. 7) Don't Use Misleading Headlines Your headlines should be clear on what the content of your post is about. Jazz it up a little to get reader attention but stay on target. It is also recommended to use keywords both in your headline and within the body of your content. These keywords should be directly related to what it is your posting about. This will make it easier for anyone looking for content like you've posted to find it in their search results. As you can see if you want to write an effective blog post you must ALWAYS consider what your reader wants and how do they want it! And of course remember to proofread your work before you publish it. www.atoz-about-rss.com www.your-own-blog.com
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