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How many ways to start the Blog Visitors?

Date Added: February 25, 2009 09:19:10 AM
Category: Blogs
The most critical part of your blog is the part visible in a browser without scrolling. The most important stuff needs to be there, "above the fold" as it's often called, because the average visitor will never scroll -- especially if they don't like what they see. But people constantly make horrible mistakes about what's above the fold. I've certainly been guilty of it. Here are five common mistakes to avoid: 1) A header that is too big. No one really wants to see your blog's name in 128 point Showcart Gothic font, or some graphic that takes most of the screen, or some other screen real estate wasting stuff. People come to read your posts -- make sure a lot of "post" is visible! 2) Stupid and useless thing in the sidebar, especially high up and above the fold. Calendars anyone? For more details www.your-own-blog.com Do they serve any purpose. I know they're popular, but lots of dumb things are! 3) Music starting automatically. Yes, that's an above the fold item. On any remotely professional blog that's a no-no. People may not share your taste in music, they may be in an office environment where it's inappropriate. It might scare them too and drive them away! Actually I'll vote for "No automatically starting audio at all!" 4) Ugly colors, fonts, and a generally unpleasant appearance. Your blog should look pleasant, not like Wired Magazine used to -- garish colored text in strange fonts on bizarre backgrounds creating headaches, general malaise, and a mock psychedelic reading experience. "Hey man I'm like tripping and nauseous" does not make for a lot of readers. Go get some real psychedelics if you must and stop torturing us! 5) Lack of focus. How does this fit in? It's critical! If you're a Petunia Entrepreneur blogging on petunias, along with religion, politics, your cat, and other miscellaneous stuff, you will lose potential readers. Josephine Petunia lover, who incidentally spends US$100K a year on petunia related pursuits, drops by. For more details www.atoz-about-rss.com Instead of seeing one of your insightful posts on petunia lore or fertilizer or music for petunia growth and mental wellness, she sees a picture of your grossly obese cat or reads about your recent sinus infection. Josephine is GONE -- along with all her money, potential friendship, and more. Hundreds of Josephines are gone, just because you go off topic frequently. The area of your blog visible without scrolling is critical. Respect it!
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