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Golden Triangle of India

Date Added: May 11, 2009 01:17:52 PM
Category: Travel
The ‘golden triangle’ of India when strikes our mind, we starts our own speculations regarding this aspect that may or may not be the reality. The triangle is usually a mathematical figure consisting of three points joint by line segments. In this texture, we are consulting with practical golden triangle of India leaving the theoretical one aside. Agra- the loveliest spot; Delhi- the fun and food place and Jaipur the pink city forms the famous golden triangle of India covering the smaller area with greater diversity. This golden triangle in India refers to the countries most visited cities- Agra, Delhi and Jaipur. These cities are situated in the north west of India. On the Indian geographical map, these three cities form a roughly equilateral triangle, approximately 200-250km next to each side. This triangle has been named-golden for its amazing wealth of cultural and historical monuments positioned in each of the three places. Golden triangle India tour gives a golden opportunity to the observers to gather an intensive unforgettable feeling in their hearts through close observation with keen experimentation. Naturally, every time imagination does not works but sometimes manual transient journey helps a lot to develop a bond to join the nature and mankind. These three places have been given the name golden triangle of India for their miraculous fantasy had unavoidable importance. They had carved golden incidence in the Indian history covering past period, medieval era and contemporary era. Examples can be taken from “Taj Mahal of Agra”-the symbol of love, India gate of Delhi and the evergreen palaces of Jaipur. Destination to India is a simplified combination of beauty and transparency. Globalization has given cascades of opportunities to the whole world to explore India in an indefinite but systematic manner. With the help of India golden triangle tours facilities, you may conveniently find transportation from Delhi via Agra via Jaipur encompasses the most suggestive feature of an incredible Indian holiday. Indian railways offer eight comfortable classes of travel, from unreserved wooden benches to one tier air conditioned berths which consist of bedding and meals. So, if you are preparing for golden triangle India tour for the very first time, there is no better option from these three places - Covering Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. This tourism triangle is the most well-liked tourist route in India. This golden triangle of India is a standard introduction to this country: if you have never been to the subcontinent before, start here.
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