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Dramatic Effect of White Space in Websites

Date Added: May 26, 2009 04:47:35 AM
Category: News & Media: Technology
Your online business's success is highly dependent on your website design and its layout. Usually companies and even web designers have the misconception that more is always better. Therefore while doing website designing they tend to put too much of information on every single web page. We all have come across sites that use each and every inch of their web space and fill it with images, graphics, links or text. But in real such overloading is not at all a good idea. So whats the saving element out here- its the 'white space'. White space does not imply that the space has to be of white color. The background of the web page can be of any color, it implies to the empty space. Final effect will be similar to that of white space. The designers that are associated with print media like, magazines, catalogs, etc are aware of the importance of white space. For having a balanced web design white space has to be used, lack of it or too less of it can make the visitor uncomfortable. A site that has cluttered look and look messy, cannot hold on the visitors for long no matter how genuine it is. Also if you insert too much of white space, then also it creates negative impression that you don't have anything to say. Thus a web page has to be well balanced in terms of giving of white space and arranging other features. Basically white space refers to space that does not have any graphics or text. Web designers who are not experienced consider it as blank space and fill it with many elements as they can. Whereas experienced and skilled use this space intelligently so that it helps in attracting visitors' attention. Some basic design layout and white space usage rules of print media also implies to the websites also. To know more about it you can have a view at a normal magazine or catalog layout. This would give in idea about how magazines utilize the white space and you can apply that type of format to your web page also. White space on a web page often gives in dramatic frame for the purpose of clip images, photography, text, etc. The visitor finds easy to read text on such type of websites. If a site is crowded reader would find it difficult to concentrate. So from reading point of view also insert white space at given space on a site. Copyright © 2009 SPINX - Website Design Los Angeles offers services like Online Web Marketing, Website Design Orange County, Website Design Beverly Hills & also across the globe.
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