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Do you know Blogging to the Bank Review

Date Added: February 25, 2009 09:20:24 AM
Category: Blogs
When I first started reading about blogs I was very intrigued. With blogs the basic premise is that you need to provide some kind of online journal that gets updated frequently in a specific niche. Now the part that fascinates me is that you do not have to update web pages individually. For more details www.your-own-blog.com There are two types of blog software Blogger and Wordpress which are the most popular. You use this software which updates your entire web site for you so that you do not need technical knowledge to update your blog. A blog is one of the easiest ways for someone starting out Their internet business to make money. I was browsing the internet and came across the Blogging To The Bank ebook. Now the sales letter was very tempting. Rob Benwell claims to be making over five hundred dollars a day in affiliate income and that you can become a super affiliate in thirty days using his blogging techniques. I think everybody on the internet who is running an internet business is looking for a quick fix to make money quickly. So I think this product will appeal to a lot of people. I purchased the ebook and read it in an hour. Now I think that is my main complaint that the ebook is extremely thin. I would definitely not say that it is value for money. Rob goes through how to setup a blog using Blogger. Now a major criticism I have of this ebook is that it does not go through the steps to setup a Wordpress blog. The Wordpress blog software is very powerful and if used correctly can get you a lot more traffic than the Blogger software. Rob shows how he builds blogs quickly using Blogger. He does not even register his own domain name. The blogs that he shows are unprofessional and usually only one or two Page bogs. He shows you how he uses Google Ad sense and affiliate links to monetize his blogs. He is a lot more successful with the affiliate links as he chooses his niche wisely. For more details www.atoz-about-rss.com Now a major criticism I have of this ebook is that when I searched Yahoo, Google and MSN to find his web sites I could not find them at all. Now I think when he wrote the ebook a lot of the techniques worked, but since then the search engines have cracked down on spam. It is unlikely that one or two page web sites are going to rank well. He also demonstrates some black hat techniques to get good rankings that I definitely would not use. They are likely to get you banned from search engines. Blogs are a very good way to earn additional income. I would not recommend Blogging To The Bank as the ebook is very thin. It does not have a lot of information in and some of the search engine techniques recommended to get good rankings are outdated and unlikely to work with the changes in the algorithms of search engines that have taken place. www.blogers-guide-to-profit.com www.building-blog-empire.com Would you like to know more about the magical marketing techniques that have helped me to quit my day job? I have just completed my new guide.
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