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Charles Christianson, The Dream Orangery

Date Added: March 01, 2009 02:24:57 AM
Category: Home
With the emphasis on high quality, excellent customer service and astounding creativity and craftsmanship - Charles Christianson are high on everyone’s 'must see' list when it comes to looking to develop their own homes and properties. Following the site’s launch, the enquires and interest into the brand rose to a magnificently high level and have doubled and tripled week after week. Charles Christianson’s team are fully aware that in the early month's of 2009 the cold and dark evenings is not conducive to client activity, however, they are finding that customers are now beginning to research earlier and what could be better than the new Charles Christianson website? Sleek and visually arresting with beautiful imagery - the site offers the user a clear guide for their dream Orangery with an easy to follow navigation combined with beautifully exuberant images. To see more of this extraordinary brand, go to: http://www.orangeryuk.co.uk. Charles Christianson’s long standing team of creatives and craftsman are the leading authority in the creation of magnificent luxury out buildings - whether it be an Orangery or Conservatory, these are the perfect people to bring your dream to life. Offering a unique approach to Conservatories, whether it be a bespoke Hardwood Conservatory or built with a combination of Powder Coated Aluminium and Rich UPVC, Charles Christianson only offer the highest quality materials with cutting edge technology in order to deliver a superb finished product and outstanding service. Charles Christianson's hardwood timber Orangeries work in both traditional and contemporary settings - whether it be a new build or a period listed property, an Orangery is a divine approach to any home extension. Offering a wealth of space with beautiful shafts of light and large spaces for dinner parties or family get together's, an Orangery is the perfect extension for any home. All timber is sourced from fully sustainable forests and all of the finishes, be it natural stained or painted, are factory applied in a 3-coat process using environmentally friendly "micro porous" water based primer's and topcoat's in a range of colours. With building timber structures, Charles Christianson has a firm commitment to ensuring that their timber originates from sustainable sources, the company can soon see the day when in the absence of reliable certification, it will need to turn to the wholly sustainable European Redwoods, these strong stable timbers are proven to provide an enduring alternative to the worlds threatened hardwood's that we must all become committed to protect. All of the Orangeries can be tailored to blend with both traditional and modern architecture with deep beams that form the surrounding of the glazed lantern to create a room like no other and with the choice of stylish fenestration to the glazing and high performance glass, the Orangery is possibly the most desirable addition to any property. The resurgence in the popularity of this style of building began to become recognised as a most elegant and light room as little as 5 years ago. Whether it is to be a feature room such as a dining room, yoga studio, interesting office space, artists studio or family room- the Orangery is the perfect extension that allows for a place of relaxation, positive living and beauty. To ensure the highest level of excellence, Charles Christianson only use the very best materials and state of the art technical expertise, utilising the most advanced Glass technology available to fit each project. Within this extensive range they will often specify Pilkington Activ™ Blue self-cleaning glass for their roof glazing, which is proven to minimise the need for cleaning and the need to access the roof area of the Orangery. Time and time again Charles Christianson’s clients cannot believe how warm and comfortable they find their Orangery when it has been completed. It often becomes the new living room of the house, particularity when it has been built as an extension to the kitchen where the kitchen flows into the Orangery like so many projects. These Orangeries are made warm during the winter months by ensuring that a high level of insulation is built into the structure and can prove to be a lot cooler in the summer than an all-glass Conservatory. As the roof has a deep, well insulated flat surround with the remaining 50% of the area a centrally glazed lantern, the insulation works efficiently in the warm summer months to insulate from the sun with the high performance tinted Solar Control Glass rejecting massive amounts of solar heat and protecting fabrics from UV fade. It is essential that these high levels of insulation are designed and built in the structure during the building process, with 100mm deep high density panels insulating the floor, wide 300mm insulated cavity walls, high performance glazing and actis multifoil insulation to the flat roof area.
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