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Breaking International Barriers in the Music Industry

Date Added: September 15, 2008 03:38:51 AM
Category: Entertainment
What once was unheard of in the music industry is now becoming a hip new trend. Vocal artists everywhere are beginning to be intrigued by the lucrative international market. Language barriers are being broken frequently to deliver music to a much wider audience. Music artists whose families stem from another country or continent tend to be the fore runners in this group. Wanting to connect with those roots in a vocal manner is oft times important for the artist and their personal growth. Having the same music and songwriting appreciated by two different cultures bridges a gap in the human race. One would think that in order to do this, the singer would need to be fluent in the other countries tongue. While this is occasionally the case, it is definitely not necessary. Thanks to vocal dialect coaches, music can be recorded in a lovely manner no matter the language. Breaking international borders with music also makes it possible for the artist’s paycheck to increase dramatically. Chances are if the locals like the music, an international audience will as well. Sometimes, these artists do even better in a foreign country than they do in their homeland. Establishing yourself internationally in the beginning of your career can be a wise decision. A new talent, Shaun Barrowes, just finished recording his first Portuguese song, “Quando o sol Acorda la Fora.” International markets and internet radio stations are starting to take note of his range and are starting to play his music. Growing a fan base abroad can definitely make it possible to double your publicity and future income. In today’s society, it would be somewhat careless to neglect the international market. Audiences everywhere are looking for the next hot adult contemporary artist. Don’t limit yourself as a singer - join the growing group of artists who are breaking barriers.
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