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Bookcases: the new luxury in furniture Bookcases used to be utilitarian; today they're taking center

Date Added: February 25, 2009 11:55:23 AM
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Your personal library Doesn't the idea of having a reading area in your home already make you feel relaxed? If you don't have room for a full-scale library, create a mini-library by mixing one or more bookcases with a comfortable chair. Keeping books together makes a statement. It also makes them easier to find! Have fun organizing books by topic, the same way libraries do. Create and label sections for each type of book you like, or follow the library's Dewey Decimal system: Psychology and Philosophy (100) / Religion (200) / Social Sciences (300) / Languages (400) / Science & Math (500) / Technology (600) / Arts and Recreation (700) / Literature/Fiction (800) / History, Geography and Biography (900). Taller bookcases with substantial molding look like they're part of the wall. If your home wasn't blessed with built-in bookcases or architectural molding, a well-detailed bookcase that's 84 inches or higher will give the room all the built-in character it needs (plus you can take it with you when you move!). Nothing looks more library-like than a bookcase wall with ladder. With a sliding ladder, you're on par with the greatest libraries in the world, and let's face it; no one looks quite as literary as when they climb to the farthest reaches to find a book! Extra storage where it's needed Bookcases can go anywhere. If storage space is tight, install a shallow bookcase where items accumulate. A bookcase with drawers is ideal in a front entrance or along a short wall to store often-misplaced or quickly-needed items like keys, sunglasses, portable electronics, bills, pens and notepaper. The home office of your dreams Surround your desk with different types of bookcases that keep everything in easy reach. Combine open shelves for books with cabinet doors to house extra printer paper, office supplies and less attractive binders or manuals. Or store some books behind glass cabinet doors for an archive-quality, academic look. A leisure zone for the holidays! North Hampton Tall Bookcase A leisure center in a hallway or living area will quickly become a favorite place for you or your holiday guests to hang out. Choose a bookcase that combines open shelves with cabinets below. Use the open shelves for popular books and photo albums, and the cabinet storage for games, puzzles, toys, CDs and more. A place for favorite things Mixing storage with interesting display techniques is a great idea. Try alternating the way you store books. Rest some on end the traditional way, let others lie flat, or face the cover of a few favorite books forward like they do in bookstores. Or mix books with small photo frames, accessories or attractive storage boxes. Glass doors on a bookcase blur the line between a bookcase and a curio cabinet, letting you store special books, china or anything else you want to keep together in a dust-free zone. Look for doors with unusual glass texture or with windowpane grills. Stackable bookcases make a dramatic impression in any home. Look for pieces that can be used alone as a server or console, or stacked on top of each other. Waverly Place add-on four door bookcase Finally, look for bookcases with a light inside; you'll highlight what's inside while adding plenty of ambiance. So look around your home. There may be an empty wall just waiting for the right furniture to organize... and showcase your unique life and personality. Loreen Epp writes and speaks internationally on retail and consumer trends For Further Information Please Visit Our Site http://www.hookerfurniture.com”and http://opusdesigns.com/”
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