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Date Added: March 16, 2009 08:45:25 AM
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In bollywood movie review you will find that melodrama and music to be the key ingredients in most of the movies. Whether it is Hindi movie review or regional movie review, the case is similar. It is only those parallel movies that try to be different. The mainstream film makers always provide a good dose of ‘masala’ in their movies to attract masses. They cannot help it because the masses whose viewership determines the box office success of a movie loves this ‘masala’ stuff. If you go through bollywood reviews you will find that movies that have rightly positioned this ‘masala’ along with some melodramatic scenes and good catchy songs coupled with colorful dances have often turned out to be box office hits. It’s true that most Hindi movies features song and dance sequences along with melodramatic scenes and even if some critics ridicule this trend yet mingling the two is indeed an art. There was a time when Hindi movies were made on some typical formulas like ‘lost and found’, ‘revenge’, ‘love triangles’ etc and some of these movies even became all time hits. Today even if these so called formulas does exist they alone cannot turn a movie into a box office hit unless blended with creativity and innovation. Filmmakers should have the talent to combine these elements into an attractive package that sells in the box office market. The art lies in the right mix and movies that have been able to do this well have become runaway hits while there have been many which could not even recover its production costs. The success of a movie does not only depend on its formula or a director’s directional aptitude but also on the actors. Sometimes it is the actors who carry a film on their shoulders. Experienced and talented actors know how to do it right for a film’s success. Again according to some bollywood previews sometimes celebrity gossip creates an aura about a film prior to its release. This may lead to an added interest amongst filmgoers to watch a movie in hordes on the day of its release resulting in astounding first day box office collections. This celeb gossip can indeed make a hit out of an average movie by virtue of the charisma of the leading actors. However this is not a dependable factor for filmmakers. Bollywood movies have always been known for its larger than life characters, situations and fantasies. Adequately sprinkled with song and dance sequences filmmakers have always woven a world of dreams that have inspired filmmakers generation after generation. In a country like India these dreams sell like hot cakes because most of the people lead a monotonous life devoid of any zing or excitement and they find their release through these movies. Songs too are an integral part of any Bollywood movie. There have been instances where a film has turned out to be huge hit because of its songs and music. Such movies have also created star singers overnight. Nowadays film buffs looks forward to music reviews of latest releases because the music is released much before the film’s release and if the music sounds promising then it creates interest amongst the people making them eagerly await its release. Music news provided by music companies gives the filmgoer or the Hindi music buff an idea about what to expect from the forthcoming release. There have been instances where a film with a great musical score has failed in the box office yet the music being the only saving grace of the film has enabled its producer to recover at least the production costs or in some cases even make a decent profit. Bollywood cinema have been both criticized and praised for its typical style. Most of the criticism has been directed towards its depiction of larger than life unreal imagery. Even Hollywood has its share of larger than life characters. Some people also find the song and dance sequences very funny but at times these become necessary to provide relief from melodramatic sequences and also to make the movie enjoyable. The ‘masala’ ingredient will always be there in Bollywood but film makers should strive to carve their own distinctive style to compete with world movies. They should experiment with other art forms and imaginations. Creativity and art should never remain constant. http://www.jhankar.pk/news.html http://www.jhankar.pk/gossips.html http://www.jhankar.pk/features.html
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