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Article worthy Marketing Strategy to Increase Sales as a Business Coach

Date Added: February 28, 2009 05:56:35 PM
Category: Internet
Coaching industry is growing at a 40% rate. More and more individuals are leaving their existing jobs and hanging up a shield as a business coach, a corporate coach or an executive coach. As these risk takers set up their practices, many are recognizing the importance of a high traffic website. Internet article marketing is a proven strategy to help increase sales as well as your website presence in cyberspace. Internet article marketing does demand time and energy on your part. However, there are some additional critical elements to ensure the success of this essential Internet marketing strategy. 1. Research known and proven marketing models such as the A.I.D.A., the P’s and Q’s. By understanding proven marketing models, you can incorporate this valuable information within your submitted articles. 2. Become familiar with marketing terms such as demographics to psychographics. Since this is a marketing action, knowing specific terms associated with marketing can only add to your success. 3. Know your target audience. When you write with your target audience in mind, this keeps you focused. 4. Become a recognized subject matter expertise. Select three to seven key topic areas where you can become the number one author for that site for those areas. 5. Become a great writer by writing great articles. For more details www.lazyman-article-guide.com. Quality content is what has exploded the Internet and is quickly separating great writers from average to good writers. 6. Write for the medium of the Internet. Each marketing medium is different. Billboard content is different from newspaper, radio or television content. Utilize the strengths within this incredible medium call the Internet. 7. Align Internet article marketing to your strategic plan. Before beginning any article marketing efforts, revisit your strategic plan to ensure alignment between this action and your other marketing actions. 8. Optimize your website to leverage your article writing. Remember, getting traffic to your site is one of the desired end results. Make sure your site is search engine friendly as your articles are circulated through the Internet. 9. Monitor and measure your results. For more details www.press-release-profits.com. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Many coaches fail to adopt this attitude and behavior of measuring for results. 10. Remember to include a personal story. There is an old adage "That no one likes to be sold, but everyone loves to buy." If you share your personal stories and experiences, you become more believable and "buyable." Internet article marketing has worked for me as a business coach and executive coach because my results are up including clients, increase sales and website traffic. Hopefully, this proven strategy will work for you as well. And after all, marketing whether it is Internet, Radio, Television or Print is all about results.
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