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Are you ready for a distance learning MBA?

Date Added: April 09, 2009 06:58:51 AM
Category: Education
Distance learning has been proved to be beneficial for many, especially for those who cannot reach the campus for some problem or the other. Other factors like monetary issues or age also play a vital role in preventing them from going to the university or institute campus. Not all universities offer distance learning courses of the same kind. There are variations in the method of delivering the education. Although the means of most of the distance learning courses are more or less similar. It all depends on the student. He or she is the only one to decide which course will be suitable for him or her according to his or her own convenience. The institute or university matters a lot. The student has to be very cautious and practical when choosing the institute. There are many institutes offering distance learning courses claiming high quality education but it’s up to the student to see through the promises they are making. I know it’s very difficult since you don’t have any physical contact with the institute or university whatsoever, but still it’ll be worthwhile to do a little investigation. Or you might end up having a fake degree, or a degree which does not have recognition. Among all other courses offered through distance learning, MBA has achieved immense popularity. Number of students opting for distance learning MBA is often same and sometimes greater than the number of students taking MBA courses in actual colleges because of the relaxations in the admission procedures, timings, age criteria and other criterion. Almost everyone striving to achieve a higher position in his or her career is choosing the MBA to climb up the hierarchy ladder in the workplace. An MBA degree achieved through distance learning, usually is in no way different that the traditional college MBA degree. But, the credibility of the degree entirely depends on the university/institute again. It is of course a good idea to opt for an MBA degree that you can pursue along with your job, but does the university you have chosen provides true, credible MBA degree? You have to find out on your own. A Master of Business Administration degree in distance learning usually offers printed study materials along with CD-ROMs, or DVDs containing lectures, assignments and projects. There is an option for downloading assignments and projects from the university web site and submit it through mail once completed. There are provisions of contact classes also. Where students having doubts or questions regarding the subjects can sit with the teacher and clarify it. These contact classes are arranged by the university either at the university campus or at a place convenient to the students. Other than this, contact with the faculty is always available via e-mail, chat, webcast, podcast, teleconference and video conference etc in distance learning MBA courses.
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