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A Pair of Hands to Accompany the Voice

Date Added: September 08, 2008 06:30:45 AM
Category: Entertainment
Some say the piano can be the most touching instrument, when played correctly. Many hot adult contemporary artists today, realize the demand for piano playing to accompany their voices. It’s definitely tougher to put both your voice and instrument playing out there at the same time, but those who do should definitely be taken note of. Most singers/songwriters have made music a life long journey. Typically, a true artist begins their musical training at a very young age. When they finally land on the stage a couple decades later, all those tedious hours of piano and voice lessons definitely pay off. It’s extremely gratifying to be in the audience witnessing a true artist sing and play simultaneously. Some artists are extremely tenacious when it comes to pounding out the keys on the piano. This is especially true of the new and notable Shaun Barrowes (aka: “Hammer Hands”). Shaun has been known to have purple fingers the day after one of his hot and action packed concerts. Always delivering, this extremely talented piano man is downright incredible to watch. Coupled with his jazzy melodic voice, his music rarely disappoints. For those considering a career in music, it pays to take the time to learn the piano. Some individuals end up having a knack for it and can pick it up quite easily. It’s a satisfying feeling to be able to sit down on that bench and sing along to your own playing. Being trained on the piano also comes in handy when you are looking to write your own songs. Knowing the different keys definitely gives you an edge in the writing arena. For those looking to be entertained, look no further than a singer who has mastered the ivories. These doubly talented artists can certainly put on a terrific concert and show you a great time.
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